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Working with Jupyter notebooks

Deepnote is compatible with core Jupyter notebook functionalities.

How to import an .ipynb file

There are two ways to import an .ipynb file into a Deepnote project:

  1. Drag and drop an .ipynb file into the NOTEBOOKS section in the right panel.

  1. Click the + button in the NOTEBOOKS section and select the Upload an .ipynb option.

How to export an .ipynb file

To export a notebook as an .ipynb file, click the three dots next to the notebook in the right panel and select Export as .ipynb.


While we do our best to maintain compatibility with Jupyter, specialized blocks in Deepnote cannot be represented exactly in Jupyter (e.g., SQL, chart, input, and rich text blocks). Upon export, queries in SQL blocks will be converted to a string representation and rich text blocks will be converted to Markdown.